I hope you've all had the merriest of holidays and are stuffed full of chocolates and candy canes and other goodies galore!

I am sorry i have been gone away for so long. Like a few other ladies around here, I am starting to consider switching over to a Tumblr. It has just been a thought swimming around my head lately, as I seem to never have the time to put in to a full blog post, especially since my last term of school is near-four more months and I am graduated and free of college!

After that I am not sure what I will do. Everything is wide open I suppose, and I would really like to travel the world, work here-and-there, take photographs and write.

I've been trying to focus on being happy alone lately: writing, reading, taking pictures, dancing, going out with new friends. I've really started to come out of my shell over the past two years I have been in college, and I think that if that is the only thing I take away from the experience, then I think it was life-changing. I may not end up 'using' my diploma, but I am just now realizing how much I have truly learned and changed because of the experience.

I never, ever thought that I could even semi-escape my nerves, my anxiety and my extreme shyness, but here I am, and I am happy. I am still working on it every day, but I am just a tad more hopeful.

I am still a silly romantic, waiting and wishing for Love, and when it does come (for I know in my heart of hearts that it will), I hope that I am truly happy and in love with myself first and foremost.

I have faith that my life will take me in the direction that I am meant to go, and I am working to make every day more magical.

There is a big world out there to hold and embrace and run free with. Know that things get better, and that you are not alone.

Hold your magic in your heart and never let it go.



my name is sara and i am a dreamer
mostly i keep to myself
sometimes this makes me happy; and other times it makes me sad
i have a dreamcatcher that hangs above my bed, and yes, i believe it works
i am awkward in public
i talk, sing and giggle to myself
and i believe in fairies and unicorns and narnia and love
i prefer being barefoot
but i have a collection of pretty shoes
i have never been in love, but i am in love with everything
i talk to the trees and the wind
and spend more time in the forest alone than i probably should
when i go swimming in a lake, i recite quotes aloud:

The point of diving in a lake is not immediately to swim to the shore but to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water. You do not work the lake out; it is an experience beyond thought."

i buy lots of journals, because the thought of blank paper excites me
they remain empty, because it seems wrongs to ruin their stark white perfection
i like abandoned places, but am afraid of abandonment
but i, we, us
mustn't be afraid
because there is much, so much to do, see, hear, touch, feel


i would like to say thank you for all the beautiful comments everyone left on the last post. i cannot even express how much better they made me feel. i love you all ♥

xx always,

hello swallows
how are you all doing?

i hope you are all having the loveliest and magical of times

i am immensely stressed over school right now. i've pretty much decided (with only a term and a half left of school) that i am not happy with my chosen profession (librarian). i am quite bored and uninterested in fact. why must these things be so hard and confusing? i wish i could just wake up one day and have an epiphany about what i should do with my life. i know that i am probably making a big deal over nothing, and that everything will likely fall into place, but right now it feels terrible and i am genuinely unhappy.

are any of you in a similar situation right now? or have been in the past?

all i want to do right now is live. it's hard for me to imagine graduating this year at only 20, and having to immediately find a job in an area that i've decided isn't for me. i am not someone who is willing to give in to a life of service so easily. maybe i am someone who is better off doing their own thing. owning a little shop, freelance photography, designing, creating, whatever.

i want to travel, and experiment, and take photos, and make things, and be inspired, and meet lovely people, and dance and laugh and live

why is this so frowned upon by society?

it's my life and i want to live it for goodness sakes!

sorry for being so darn dramatic

xx always,


How are you dears? Life has been very busy busy now that I am back in school, but I am in love with the autumn weather we are having here, and that almost makes up for it. I have been spending days in forests hunting for acorns and feathers, and reading jane eyre and the blue castle, and watching movies. i wish we had a fireplace that i could drink cocoa by on the cold nights though.

How to Live Magically

  • let your hair grow long and unruly
  • wear flower crowns
  • tie ribbons on your wrists
  • wears bells on your ankles
  • wear a key to your heart around your neck
  • lie in fields of wildflowers
  • climb trees and read books in them
  • hand write letters to friends
  • go looking for fairies and build fairy houses
  • make friends with trees-tell them your secrets
  • drink lots and lots of tea
  • light candles at night
  • gaze out open windows
  • listen to dreamy music and dance around
  • go dancing in the rain
  • run into lakes wearing pretty dresses
  • plant a garden of vegetable and wildflowers
  • have a picnic on the countryside
  • learn to play an instrument (piano,ukulele,banjo,guitar)
  • wear vintage nightgowns as dresses
  • string fairy lights in your room
  • make someone a batch of cookies
  • make a teepee
  • collect seashells
  • have tea parties
  • dress up victorian style
  • frame vintage photos
  • press wildflowers
  • spend days in libraries
  • don't be afraid of who you are

a little list i made. i like to make lists.
and here is my kitty showing off for the camera

what are your favourite things about autumn?



tying pink tulle bows
rainbows during sun showers
finding fairy stones on the beach (if you peer through the hole it's said you'll see fairyland)
bluebells at sunset

i've just realized, i haven't had a haircut in almost 3 years
maybe i feel like cutting it will mean something

things i've been loving:

this post at the loverly Gala Darling. if you are one of the unlucky few that hasn't stumbled upon her site you simply must take a look

Cannelle et Vanille: best foodie site ever. with the most delectable photos as well

Dujour Mag. a must for every starry-eyed dreamer

this bag from Cath Kidston

oh, and this cinema bag

this video

Sweet Child from Claudia Susana on Vimeo.

i think i might start up 'nuit blanche' homework fridays again
we shall see

love always,


little birds i am sorry for being gone so long
but mostly sorry for not commenting on all of your lovely posts
and they truly were lovely
sorry sorry sorry

autumn is in the air but i will sadly miss summer
i will go for one last swim this weekend
i don't care how cold it is

i've started school again and i've turned 20
20 is a scary age
i don't know how i feel about it
my teen years are gone and i don't think i made the most of them
but i guess i have a fresh new decade to change things

i feel like i am moving slower than everyone around me:
like i will always be terrified of driving
never know what i want to do with my life
never go out like other girls
never find a nice boy

-i must be more positive-

i hope you are all well and enjoying the end of summer (or winter)

Love Always,


weekends spent dancing in the woods
my family thinks i'm strange
but they've come to accept it
i got lost dancing
and when i stopped spinning and the world went still
i noticed a handsome boy through the trees
alone himself, watching
i ran away

and caught myself smiling

i am trying to figure it all out

i have been busy writing letters to lovely girls
and reading with a hunger that never seems to fade

i'm not taking things so seriously anymore
i highly suggest it
take a step back
and notice you are breathing

do what makes your heart happy
and steal a few kisses along the way


"Shyness is nice and
Shyness can stop you
From doing all the things in life
You'd like to

i've been listening to the smiths on repeat

it has been raining lots

i like the rain
i would like to lie outside on the grass in a sheer dress until i'm soaked through and sneezing
but i am scared of what the neighbours will think
and that makes me sad
i try to make friends but i am insufferably awkward and laugh at inopportune times
but i am who i am and i make no excuses

handsome strangers sit next to me on the bus
thigh against thigh
the slightest flutters of almost-touching pleasure
a catch in my breath
i emerge from my own head
and realize i would like to have someone
to gently place their hand at the small of my back
to feel the warm pulse of another human being when i wake up each morning
and that is as far as i get

the promise of summer is sweet
dancing beneath the moon
old blue bicycles
windblown hair

i need to stop dreaming within a cage
i will do things


it seems i do not know what to write anymore

i am confused about many things and i didn't want to bore you to death with all of it. i just want to say thank you to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments and i feel terrible about not commenting on all of your lovely blogs, but i have still been reading all of them religiously. i also want to say thank you and hello to all the new followers. i will try not to be such a lousy writer.

i have to say that i was seriously contemplating deleting this diary, but for whatever reason i just couldn't make myself do it.
i need this output now especially, having started a new job which involves no creativity, inspiration or beauty whatsoever. it seems i have no time anymore, and i really despise having to live for the weekends. lets just say i am not a fan of cubicles and leave it at that.

i feel like maybe i need to start fresh, and so i have deleted some of my older posts on here.
i have a few ideas for some posts in the near future, but i have also been wondering if there is anything in particular that you all would like to see on here
. i would be very open to any ideas you have.

lilacs and daisies forever



i've made a play list for all you dreamers


Beg, borrow, buy, steal songs
Put onto iPod, MP3 player
Slip into your prettiest dress-you know, the one that makes you feel otherworldly
Put on shoes that click-clack
Fluff your hair
Put in your earphones, start the music
Head out into the sunset for a lovely walk
Remember to feel the sunlight on your face
If it gets dark head home and sit on your front step
Take a big breath, look up at the sky and smile!

Sun Sun Sun-Lisa Mitchell
I Sing I Swim-Seabear
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want-The Smiths
Playground Love-Air
The Wolves (Act I and II)-Bon Iver
Furr-Blitzen Trapper
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out-The Smiths
Summersong-The Decemberists
Scenic World-Beirut
Wild World-Cat Stevens
Love Song-The Cure
First Love-Emmy the Great
Asleep-The Smiths
Time Flies-Lykke Li

Moon and Moon-Bat for Lashes

arrange however feels best/add songs/remove songs


i'm sorry dolls, my camera is dying a slow sad death and i won't be able to post personal pictures for awhile
also, i'm dying to do something new with my hair-any ideas lovelies?

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spring is in the air, and i am feeling restless right on cue. waiting and wishing for magical things to happen. i've started collecting travel brochures. i need to go somewhere. i need to see that there is something else, living proof of it in front of my eyes. school is almost over, and i've surprised myself by not running. i always run. i need to find a best friend. i have no friends besides my lovely cousins. i want someone who thinks like me, and yet not like me at all, someone who pushes me out of my box and will go on adventures with me.

Things I'd Like To Do This Summer:

♥ go to europe
♥ go ziplining/on a hot-air balloon ride
♥ have a wild gypsy party
♥ wear what i feel like wearing
♥ take more pictures
♥ start running
♥ dance
♥ love?

thank you all for sticking around, i love you very much for it

I will be back soon