nibble nibble

this video was too cute to resist!

oh so adorable

last night was spent sleeping under the stars, camped out in a tent pitched beneath the apple tree. i carried out my lantern and crawled into my cosy nest. there i snuggled up under the covers with a good book and read by the glowing lantern light with the sound of the leaves above me rustling and the gurgling of the neighbours fountain next door. i'll be out there again tonight if you wish to be spirited away with the fairies to come visit me. we will make animal shadows on the tent walls and wake up early to watch the sunrise and steal peapods from mama's garden to munch on. i hope some fairies will come out to play!



catch my dreams

hello everyone! today i though i'd post my not-so-helpful instructions on how to make a dreamcatcher
first of all you will need:
-a small branch from a tree. mine is from an apple tree but anything flexible will do.(willow is best)
-twine to wrap the branch in. or you could leave the branch visible which is just as whimsical
-some sort of thread for making the knots

first off you'll need to wrap the twig around into a circle. you might have to bend it quite a bit to get the shape you want and to make it stay better. tape the branch together where the ends meet.

now take your twine or jute, which is what i'm using here, and you can get at any craft store, and wrap it all the way around the circle. or like i said before you can leave the twig exposed and just wrap some twine over the tape so it's not showing.

next tie your thread (or sinew or whatever) to the top of the circle where the ends meet

take the thread and bring it over a distance (it doesn't matter how far. (the wider you go = bigger knots, closer together=smaller.) TIP: as you can see here i have my thread wrapped on a piece of cardboard. it's easier if you wrap your thread around something small, like a tiny piece of paper, so you can fit it through the knots better without tangling

pull the thread out towards yourself through the opening that's swooping down underneath. pull tight.
continue by bringing it over again about the same distance and pulling it through until you get back to the top of the circle

once you get back to the top, bring your thread through the first hole that you made from underneath and then bring it over and through the new hole that you have swooping down (the big one that's circling my knee) so it's: under-up, over and down-through.
pull the thread pretty tightly and then do the same in every hole until you get back to the top again. then continue doing the same thing you've been doing, but in the newest hole.

keep knotting until you get closer and closer to the center of the circle
there will be a hole in the middle (for the good dreams to fit through of course!)
you can make the center hole as big or as small as you'd like. when you want to, just tie off the end of the string, making sure you tie it in a way that the string won't unravel

i sort of screwed mine up here but you can't really tell. if your's looks somewhat along these lines you've done can also slip on some beads by just threading them onto the string anywhere you want, and then keep on knotting.

and when you're done, have fun decorating it! i usually tie on feathers, but this time i decided on an acorn :)i really hope that was clear enough! if not there are plenty of videos out there that show you how to do it!have fun!