I hope you've all had the merriest of holidays and are stuffed full of chocolates and candy canes and other goodies galore!

I am sorry i have been gone away for so long. Like a few other ladies around here, I am starting to consider switching over to a Tumblr. It has just been a thought swimming around my head lately, as I seem to never have the time to put in to a full blog post, especially since my last term of school is near-four more months and I am graduated and free of college!

After that I am not sure what I will do. Everything is wide open I suppose, and I would really like to travel the world, work here-and-there, take photographs and write.

I've been trying to focus on being happy alone lately: writing, reading, taking pictures, dancing, going out with new friends. I've really started to come out of my shell over the past two years I have been in college, and I think that if that is the only thing I take away from the experience, then I think it was life-changing. I may not end up 'using' my diploma, but I am just now realizing how much I have truly learned and changed because of the experience.

I never, ever thought that I could even semi-escape my nerves, my anxiety and my extreme shyness, but here I am, and I am happy. I am still working on it every day, but I am just a tad more hopeful.

I am still a silly romantic, waiting and wishing for Love, and when it does come (for I know in my heart of hearts that it will), I hope that I am truly happy and in love with myself first and foremost.

I have faith that my life will take me in the direction that I am meant to go, and I am working to make every day more magical.

There is a big world out there to hold and embrace and run free with. Know that things get better, and that you are not alone.

Hold your magic in your heart and never let it go.