spring is in the air, and i am feeling restless right on cue. waiting and wishing for magical things to happen. i've started collecting travel brochures. i need to go somewhere. i need to see that there is something else, living proof of it in front of my eyes. school is almost over, and i've surprised myself by not running. i always run. i need to find a best friend. i have no friends besides my lovely cousins. i want someone who thinks like me, and yet not like me at all, someone who pushes me out of my box and will go on adventures with me.

Things I'd Like To Do This Summer:

♥ go to europe
♥ go ziplining/on a hot-air balloon ride
♥ have a wild gypsy party
♥ wear what i feel like wearing
♥ take more pictures
♥ start running
♥ dance
♥ love?

thank you all for sticking around, i love you very much for it


Clara said...

If I live near you we would be best friends, at least I hope we would Sara. we would run through the woods and I'd teach you ballet and we'd make up dances together. we'd make up adventures.
~love, Clara

Megan said...

I almost squeeled with excitement when I saw a new post!!
Sara you are so lovely I cannot tell you how much I new you properly, I'm sure we'd be such good friends.
You pictures are very sweet. The white dress looks beautiful and delicate.
Oh and I hope you have a wonderful holiday - there are so many beautiful places in Europe it will be very hard to pick.
I know how you feel about finding a friend - one who knows you, your heart and soul. One who is like you, but braver, bolder, stronger.
A sister and a twin soul...
I hope you find one my dear.
Oh and good luck with your to do list.
A wild gypsy party sounds beautiful.. wild flowers, long dresses and dancing.

shellbell said...

oooh, that photo of the sheer dress with the beads is so dreamy! xo

Eliza said...

Hello sweetest :) I'm so very glad to hear of you, to see these wonderful pictures, to catch new glimpses of your world. It warms my heart up. I'm fine, I am, you know, restless, but safe. I know what you mean about all you've said darling, I too feel like this countless times. You will see the world and you'll wrap it around your delicate body and heart, it'll be your oyster. Best friends... I wish for one too, a true beautiful one. I have a slice to give to all of my dearest friends, but no such thing as a best friend, I don't know its true meaning. I am sure we would be the best of friends if we lived near, Sara dear :) You are so pure, so enchanting. But remember I am here somewhere at all times, a friend forevermore.

Oh, the pictures made me hungry, and the dress is true eye candy.


olivia said...

oh, wouldn't europe just be lovely? How I wish so much to go, too♥
The breakfast looks absolutely charming- I can just picture eating it, the sun rising early and the birds singing neptune songs♥
stay lovely, dear. and about the "love?" part, well, perhaps it's better not to love, at this point? But I ramble- I've just no luck myself. I wouldn't want a gentle soul as yours to get hurt by a dumb boy♥

Ellie Grace said...

If you were here or I was there, I would go on adventures with you. How about I come there, there is no adventure where I am...
Your summer list sounds lovely. I am quite ready for the sun and the restless feeling that comes along with it. =]

Ellie Grace

blue eyed night owl said...

Those two pictures made me hungry.

I hope you get to do all the things of your list for the summer. I get what you mean about the best friend, I should find myself a new one too.

Anyway, I like your blog, just found it.

Take care!

Enchanted Gardens said...

I think we would have so much fun if we were friends, i have a feeling that you're my kind of person. You should come to visit my town, or our coast because i wanna gypsy party too! :D

lots of kisses lovely

milky ~ rose said...

this sounds absolutely magical. i don't really have any friends either but i think sometimes that it's lovely to be in ones own company. maybe we could be unicorn friends? ♥ i would very much like to travel too, to wander around a city aimlessly. your pictures and words always hold such beauty in there presence. much love, samantha xx

E said...

i wish i had the courage (and money) to go to france or britain or ireland or anywhere besides my homecountry. i need a best friend too, someone who helps me out of my shell...
you have the most beautiful faerie dresses in those pictures :) i just love the white one (it is perfect for summer midnight dancing)
<3 E

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

I feel so the same as you that it is startling.. Spring spring spring... she's coursing through my veins and beating my heart with hope. I celebrated in the park with her yesterday. But I agree... enough of the same, enough of the lonely. I want an adventure! I want to fly away and make friends with strangers. Maybe I'll meet you on an adventure one day?

suzannah said...

oh, dearest sara i always feel happy when i see you've posted again, your posts are always filled with such beauty, and your photos here are all so beautiful, so filled with warmth <3 i know exactly how you feel too, i wish i had a best friend too. i don't think that i have ever truely had one. hopefully we will both find a best friend like that one day. though i do wish that we lived near each other and could go on adventures together. i do adore your list of things you want to do this summer too, your list almost mirrors my own wishes. much love dearest sara, from suzannah <3

suzannah said...

p.s. thankyou for adding me to your 'the most magical girls you will ever meet' part, it really means alot to me <3

Greer said...

i think that your blog is so pure and beautiful. x

delicate diaries said...

your blog is the cutest,, Im following you! xxx

magnoliaamber said...

You know Sara,

I can't wait for my summer to come as well.

And yes my best friend is my cousin and sister and have never felt there are other who is better than my sisters.

But true, we have to look outside of the box.

In my case, I want to see the cliff in Ireland.

If I happen to be in Europe this summer, I will let you know and perhaps we could know each other better:)

~Abby~ said...

Sara-I'm so happy that you are going on a magical journey, to place you've never gone. I hope you have a wonderful time and bring back lots of pictures.

Erimentha said...

good luck with your amazing holiday plans!



Cassidy said...

your summer plans sound lovely ! i must start making mine , it is coming so fast ..

francesca said...

i love this blog, the pictures are beautiful and the posts even more so.

wild gypsy dances - is there anything more perfect than being free in a forest, dancing to the violin and laughter and feeling long grass beneath your bare toes? *sigh* i love summer :) xx

過分 said...

thank u........................................

erin meagan said...

beautiful! every single thing.

taylorkitto said...

wow i'm so happy i've found your blog! it's lovely.
anyways, thats a lovely list of things to do. i feel the same way! i am so restless for summer and school to be out with so the magic of summer can start. i feel the same way about the friends situation too, good luck! :)

sarahtay said...

firstly, your photos are beyond beautiful. and your room is so beautifully decorated! i'd wish for a room like that. how whimsical.

a trip to europe would be just lovely. visiting the islands would be beyond magical, from what it looks, of course. i've never been to europe but i'm pretty sure it's lovely.

thankfully i've found a best friend, of whom i can always be myself and such. but what i need are true friends. i guess we're sort of on the same boat and i do know how you feel. many a times, i've been let down by friends. - time flies and people change, sadly. and the distance becomes more apparent. but there's nothing much to be done but to move on.

i'm hope and pray you'd find your best friend soon. am pretty sure she's around somewhere, just waiting for that moment to come when the two worlds collide.

i wish you love and blessings, dalring. have a blessed week ahead! xx

kiwaczek2 said...

wow to those dresses. and I love your hair too. Am here 1st time. Nice blog actually, your pictures are so romantic

Miranda said...

i adore those dresses. You've inspired me to go and find something like it! just gorgeous

B r i said...

what a lovely blog! i love the grey dress especially!xo

Chic Noir said...

*chic noir waves to sara*

awwww, you have us here, your e-friends.

Chic Noir said...

Save money for a trip to Paris. My favorite city ever. Only New York comes close