spring is in the air, and i am feeling restless right on cue. waiting and wishing for magical things to happen. i've started collecting travel brochures. i need to go somewhere. i need to see that there is something else, living proof of it in front of my eyes. school is almost over, and i've surprised myself by not running. i always run. i need to find a best friend. i have no friends besides my lovely cousins. i want someone who thinks like me, and yet not like me at all, someone who pushes me out of my box and will go on adventures with me.

Things I'd Like To Do This Summer:

♥ go to europe
♥ go ziplining/on a hot-air balloon ride
♥ have a wild gypsy party
♥ wear what i feel like wearing
♥ take more pictures
♥ start running
♥ dance
♥ love?

thank you all for sticking around, i love you very much for it

I will be back soon