How are you dears? Life has been very busy busy now that I am back in school, but I am in love with the autumn weather we are having here, and that almost makes up for it. I have been spending days in forests hunting for acorns and feathers, and reading jane eyre and the blue castle, and watching movies. i wish we had a fireplace that i could drink cocoa by on the cold nights though.

How to Live Magically

  • let your hair grow long and unruly
  • wear flower crowns
  • tie ribbons on your wrists
  • wears bells on your ankles
  • wear a key to your heart around your neck
  • lie in fields of wildflowers
  • climb trees and read books in them
  • hand write letters to friends
  • go looking for fairies and build fairy houses
  • make friends with trees-tell them your secrets
  • drink lots and lots of tea
  • light candles at night
  • gaze out open windows
  • listen to dreamy music and dance around
  • go dancing in the rain
  • run into lakes wearing pretty dresses
  • plant a garden of vegetable and wildflowers
  • have a picnic on the countryside
  • learn to play an instrument (piano,ukulele,banjo,guitar)
  • wear vintage nightgowns as dresses
  • string fairy lights in your room
  • make someone a batch of cookies
  • make a teepee
  • collect seashells
  • have tea parties
  • dress up victorian style
  • frame vintage photos
  • press wildflowers
  • spend days in libraries
  • don't be afraid of who you are

a little list i made. i like to make lists.
and here is my kitty showing off for the camera

what are your favourite things about autumn?




Endofmarch said...

I've been trying to enjoy the Fall as I love it so much, but I'm so busy working and getting ready to go back to Canada after being away for one year, that I hardly have time.
but once I'm back, I'll take walks in the woods, rad by the fireplace, watch movies, read, and have wonderful conversations with friends and family.
I really like your lists, and I've added you on listography, and once I get a minute I'll make sure to read them all carefully, you should probably be ready for an onslaught of comments :)

I hope you have a wonderful day, dear xx

E said...

That is such a lovely list, I have to save it somewhere so I can remind myself when I forget to be me. And your kitty is adorable!
For me Autumn is the most loveliest season and I am enjoying every bit of it. I love it when it gets colder and you get rosy cheeks, I love the crunching under my feet after a frosty night, I love the colours, I love everything about it! Especially on sunny days.

scraped elbows said...

Sara, this list is just wonderful! And my favourite thing about autumn is the colder weather and all the changes too, the colours, leaves, looking for acorns and so much more, it really is a beautiful season <3 xx

Chloe. said...

what a lovely list, and i'd be happy to say i do almost all of those things. :)

i'm so excited for autumn, the air smells like magic, the chill running through brings people indoors and closer together, and for me, into books, and stories of wonderous adventures and worlds beyond ours.
top that off with early dark nights lit with fairy lights and candles, what a lovely atmosphere to involve yourself in tales. xx

we could go anywhere..

Katherine said...

Aah, you are so lovely!
I didn't realize how much I love Autumn until the leaves began to change :)

Enchanted Gardens said...

Ahh darling! Your words transport me to dreamland, i love it so much!
Hope you wouldn't mind if i borrow your list? Is magical, like you.
Have a loveliest day!

JS. said...

The best list ever. It is simply magical :)

Megan said...

You are such a magical soul Sara.
Thank you for being so lovely recently, things have been hard and I haven't a clue why because nothing terrible has happened (do you feel like that sometimes?) but you've been so sweet it really has meant a lot.
You capture such magic in your lists, they really are heart warming.
How to live magically, oh my, this was the one that stole my heart. Would you mind if I printed this off and pinned it to my bedroom wall? It's so beautiful and perfect and the last point made my eyes water a bit because it was so true and so important.
Your cat is so adorable, such a sweet picture.
I'm planning on doing a post about Autumn soon, your list has inspired me.

~Abby~ said... is very stressful; but like you said the lovely autumn weather makes up for it.
I play the clarinet. (: I love it.
Your kitty is adorable!


kat said...

Sara, I have to thank you for sharing the link to your listography on twitter as I had not come across the site before and now I can't wait to make my own!
You have such a pretty wallpaper there too. I love vintage wallpaper I wish companies would make affordable versions now.
I shall join tomorrow and look at your lists more. It is late here in England and time for sleep,
Sweet dreams, kat xx

Pink Lady said...

i love your list, it´s so true and cute! it´s great to hear from you again!
have a lovely autumnally weekend!

manguins said...

I enjoy the mundane of the autumn season. By the way, I signed up for listography just because of you. I love it.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

This is so wonderful! <3
I like autumn cause it's better than winter. I love the colours of the leaves. The smell of the air. But that's it really. I prefer the warmer, less rainy seasons. xxxx

Rose said...

lovely list! i should make a southern hemisphere spring one!

magnoliaamber said...

Sara dear, you are lucky if you live in a place where you are allowed to do that.

I wanted to spread the magic and the place where I live is trying (sometimes too hard) to prevent me to do so.


But it's good to see the list, like having a fairy reminding you about the good thing in life.


Like you!

Sanae said...

I felt in love with your lists, and blog, and photos. What a lovely atmosphere.