tying pink tulle bows
rainbows during sun showers
finding fairy stones on the beach (if you peer through the hole it's said you'll see fairyland)
bluebells at sunset

i've just realized, i haven't had a haircut in almost 3 years
maybe i feel like cutting it will mean something

things i've been loving:

this post at the loverly Gala Darling. if you are one of the unlucky few that hasn't stumbled upon her site you simply must take a look

Cannelle et Vanille: best foodie site ever. with the most delectable photos as well

Dujour Mag. a must for every starry-eyed dreamer

this bag from Cath Kidston

oh, and this cinema bag

this video

Sweet Child from Claudia Susana on Vimeo.

i think i might start up 'nuit blanche' homework fridays again
we shall see

love always,



~Abby~ said...

Sweet pictures...I love the starfish and bow.
Before/if you cut make sure to think good and hard about it! Cutting your hair can symbolize a new start; but it doesn't always and it's not going to fix everything.
Cute bags. :)


E said...

Beautiful pictures! And the enchanting little film took me in a quite different place, somewhere magical.
Thankyou dear for your words <3

scraped elbows said...

Sara, your photographs are so beautiful and the things you've been loving are lovely too, i'm especially in love with the white cath kidston bag. much love <3 xxx

minna ♥ said...

Oh gosh, those pictures really are far too wonderful. Thank you very much for such lovely website reccomendations (Cannelle et vanille is definitely a new found love)
I felt sort of the same about cutting my hair. I cut it last february, and whilst I really love my short hair, I miss my long hair terribly. So think a lot about it before you cut it :)
Minna <3

Juliet said...

Oh you found a seeing stone! Your photography is beautiful.

not wendy said...

Oh Sara, thank you for sharing. What lovely sights and sites! <3

Megan said...

Dearest Sara,
I think you are so lovely.
The pictures are as beautiful, you always capture magic. The fourth picture is beautiful.
Oh and I've never read Dujour magazine I must read it, it looks so wonderfully dreamy.
I love Cath Kidston things, they're always so pretty.
The video is so so so beautiful, so inspiring. The loveliest thing I have seen for a long time. I don't know what else to say (thank you for sharing!)
I would love if you started 'nuit blanche' homework fridays again, they were so lovely!
I think your hair is so beautiful and mermaid-esque, but I understand the need for a change. I recently had a full fringe (bangs) cut in and even though I don't like it, I needed a change and it felt good to be spontanious.
But do think about it, your hair is beautiful and I am very jealous of it.
Lots of love xxx

frenchtoile said...

O thank you for the lovely list:)
i shall have to make one of my own soon. I certainly have one!

I reaallly love those Cath Kidston bags and I printed out the list.


frenchtoile said...

(the list from gala darling) :)

Athena. said...

Such beautiful images and a darling video. The things you love, are indeed lovely (I think you are so magic).
You have a beautiful heart. xxxx

Rachelous said...

I love that sort of post, I often have days that are crappy and even just reading a list of possible things I could do empowers me.. even if I don't end up doing too many of them.. and everything from Cath Kidston is beautiful :)

Ϩtεℓℓα said...

i´ve always wanted to find a stone to see fairies! ♥

lovely pics!


Stina said...

This is suh a lovely post, sweet sara. I adore the photograph of the rainbow & the old gin bottle.
You have fairly-tale hair. My hair refuse to get as long as yours.

Caroline said...

Awww, that starfish is a pretty little thing! xxxxxxx

magnoliaamber said...

I love the tulle!:)

miau said...

oh the second picture is wonderful, and those bags are so beautiful! ♥