tying pink tulle bows
rainbows during sun showers
finding fairy stones on the beach (if you peer through the hole it's said you'll see fairyland)
bluebells at sunset

i've just realized, i haven't had a haircut in almost 3 years
maybe i feel like cutting it will mean something

things i've been loving:

this post at the loverly Gala Darling. if you are one of the unlucky few that hasn't stumbled upon her site you simply must take a look

Cannelle et Vanille: best foodie site ever. with the most delectable photos as well

Dujour Mag. a must for every starry-eyed dreamer

this bag from Cath Kidston

oh, and this cinema bag

this video

Sweet Child from Claudia Susana on Vimeo.

i think i might start up 'nuit blanche' homework fridays again
we shall see

love always,


little birds i am sorry for being gone so long
but mostly sorry for not commenting on all of your lovely posts
and they truly were lovely
sorry sorry sorry

autumn is in the air but i will sadly miss summer
i will go for one last swim this weekend
i don't care how cold it is

i've started school again and i've turned 20
20 is a scary age
i don't know how i feel about it
my teen years are gone and i don't think i made the most of them
but i guess i have a fresh new decade to change things

i feel like i am moving slower than everyone around me:
like i will always be terrified of driving
never know what i want to do with my life
never go out like other girls
never find a nice boy

-i must be more positive-

i hope you are all well and enjoying the end of summer (or winter)

Love Always,