i've made a play list for all you dreamers


Beg, borrow, buy, steal songs
Put onto iPod, MP3 player
Slip into your prettiest dress-you know, the one that makes you feel otherworldly
Put on shoes that click-clack
Fluff your hair
Put in your earphones, start the music
Head out into the sunset for a lovely walk
Remember to feel the sunlight on your face
If it gets dark head home and sit on your front step
Take a big breath, look up at the sky and smile!

Sun Sun Sun-Lisa Mitchell
I Sing I Swim-Seabear
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want-The Smiths
Playground Love-Air
The Wolves (Act I and II)-Bon Iver
Furr-Blitzen Trapper
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out-The Smiths
Summersong-The Decemberists
Scenic World-Beirut
Wild World-Cat Stevens
Love Song-The Cure
First Love-Emmy the Great
Asleep-The Smiths
Time Flies-Lykke Li

Moon and Moon-Bat for Lashes

arrange however feels best/add songs/remove songs


i'm sorry dolls, my camera is dying a slow sad death and i won't be able to post personal pictures for awhile
also, i'm dying to do something new with my hair-any ideas lovelies?

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