it seems i do not know what to write anymore

i am confused about many things and i didn't want to bore you to death with all of it. i just want to say thank you to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments and i feel terrible about not commenting on all of your lovely blogs, but i have still been reading all of them religiously. i also want to say thank you and hello to all the new followers. i will try not to be such a lousy writer.

i have to say that i was seriously contemplating deleting this diary, but for whatever reason i just couldn't make myself do it.
i need this output now especially, having started a new job which involves no creativity, inspiration or beauty whatsoever. it seems i have no time anymore, and i really despise having to live for the weekends. lets just say i am not a fan of cubicles and leave it at that.

i feel like maybe i need to start fresh, and so i have deleted some of my older posts on here.
i have a few ideas for some posts in the near future, but i have also been wondering if there is anything in particular that you all would like to see on here
. i would be very open to any ideas you have.

lilacs and daisies forever




char said...

hello, my dear. i believe i am one of your newer followers, and i'm just so happy to have another lovely post of yours to read! thank you for not deleting this blog, it's sweet and delicate and inspiring. ♥

E said...

i hope everything turns out better for you, try to find happiness in the little things that only you notice. and don't worry about not commenting, dear, sometimes it is good to be silent for a while.
but i am very happy to see you're back :)

minna ♥ said...

sara dear, i'm so glad you're back. I do so miss your posts. i hope you find some more inspiration & that your job gets better

maz in wonderland said...

oh, beautiful pressed flowers!
sara my love, please do not fail to remember that you are wonderful. job or no job, we are all here for you, and i'm so glad you have began to post again.
all we want are your usual, sparkle-filled, sugar-mouse posts, and to know that you are okay.
you are magic, dear, please remember. ♥ xx

cecily said...

beautiful, so very beautiful, many of my writings are inspired by your words, i know so many little girls with bare feet who would miss your whispers... dear girl, you are so talented. please keep the faith in the fairytale.

frenchtoile said...

Your blog is so lovely, it was one of the first ones I happened upon, and I'm so glad I did :)
I hope things get better for you in the job world... I know how depleting that can feel.

<3 Raia

Francesca said...

I'd love to see you write about however you're feeling. If you want to blog about it, then blog about it! It isn't our blog, it's yours. That's why we love it.

Megan said...

Oh Sara, I'm so so glad your back to blogging.I've been checking back as often as I can and FINALLY a post is here!
I am so happy to see it - you have been dearly missed!
you have my all time favourite blog you know? it was the very first blog i fell in love with - it inspired me to get my own sara!
I'm sad to see some of your lovely posts gone but i'm glad you kept some of my favourites.
I often look back at them for inspiration :)
don't worry about the job sara - we all have to start somewhere! things will get better , its just where you are for the time being.
i think your new header is lovely.
please keep posting. you cannot imgine how much it inspires me. i only wish i could tell you ♥

~Abby~ said...

I'm glad you're back!
i've missed your blog!!!!!!!

函松 said...

Make yourself necessary to someone.........................................

tia said...

Your new blog header is completely and utterly beautiful. ♥

Charlotte. said...

lovely photographs.
please don't delete! i love your blog.

magnoliaamber said...

Dear Sara,

keep writing! It is indeed a challenge to keep writing in an environment which does not allow you creativity to freely flow.

Read my newest post, I think you must like it alot. I hope what I could share would be inspiring and useful, magical girl:)


Rose said...

just found your blog and must say it would be a shame if you deleted it. you write so well and your header is delectable!

fractured skeleton said...

Dearest Sara, I have missed your posts so very dearly. I know exactly what you mean about not being about to write anymore, I feel this too. It is such an awful feeling. But please, please don't delete your diary, your words and photos are too precious. <3 Also, just to let you know I have changed my blog link to (I used to be the sea ghost) I'm sorry to be a bother, but would you mind changing my link in your blog list? Much Love, from Suzannah <3 xxxxxxxx

Famous Last Words said...

don't ever delete your blog! it is simply amazing.
lots of love always. ♥

Leah said...

oh, i feel exactly the same way. life is just too crazy to blog sometimes, i just started up again after a long hiatus. it really is such an amazing way to express any thoughts you have, and i always love your posts :)

Clara said...

my dearest Sara, I was not asking you to comment, though I'm glad that you did, I was mostly just hoping that you were okay! our sweet little friendship means alot to me even though we've never met and are far apart. I've been having the same problem with not knowing what to write, I login and start, but then everything goes blank to sounds foolish. But I know we can pull through this. I hope that life will brighten up for you, that you will find a job you can love and a sunshiney purpose for living. but know that we care my dear, and that what ever you write we will thirstily read and love. you have magic dear Sara, weather you feel it right now or not.
love always,

PS: would you like to be penpals?

Clara said...

oh yes please! here's my email:

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

well, I certainly hope you ever delete this! I just found your blog and I am in mad love!

Megan said...

Oh Sara I forgot to give you my email adress! I've been checking for your email and I never gave you it...

I'm so excited about having you as my new pen friend!

Sara said...

I remember pressing flowers as a child. I found it so hard to wait for them to dry out! I'd want to peek every day, but my Grandma, who had a rose from her wedding day pressed into a dictionary, said it would spoil them.
These are just perfect :)