my name is sara and i am a dreamer
mostly i keep to myself
sometimes this makes me happy; and other times it makes me sad
i have a dreamcatcher that hangs above my bed, and yes, i believe it works
i am awkward in public
i talk, sing and giggle to myself
and i believe in fairies and unicorns and narnia and love
i prefer being barefoot
but i have a collection of pretty shoes
i have never been in love, but i am in love with everything
i talk to the trees and the wind
and spend more time in the forest alone than i probably should
when i go swimming in a lake, i recite quotes aloud:

The point of diving in a lake is not immediately to swim to the shore but to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water. You do not work the lake out; it is an experience beyond thought."

i buy lots of journals, because the thought of blank paper excites me
they remain empty, because it seems wrongs to ruin their stark white perfection
i like abandoned places, but am afraid of abandonment
but i, we, us
mustn't be afraid
because there is much, so much to do, see, hear, touch, feel


i would like to say thank you for all the beautiful comments everyone left on the last post. i cannot even express how much better they made me feel. i love you all ♥

xx always,

hello swallows
how are you all doing?

i hope you are all having the loveliest and magical of times

i am immensely stressed over school right now. i've pretty much decided (with only a term and a half left of school) that i am not happy with my chosen profession (librarian). i am quite bored and uninterested in fact. why must these things be so hard and confusing? i wish i could just wake up one day and have an epiphany about what i should do with my life. i know that i am probably making a big deal over nothing, and that everything will likely fall into place, but right now it feels terrible and i am genuinely unhappy.

are any of you in a similar situation right now? or have been in the past?

all i want to do right now is live. it's hard for me to imagine graduating this year at only 20, and having to immediately find a job in an area that i've decided isn't for me. i am not someone who is willing to give in to a life of service so easily. maybe i am someone who is better off doing their own thing. owning a little shop, freelance photography, designing, creating, whatever.

i want to travel, and experiment, and take photos, and make things, and be inspired, and meet lovely people, and dance and laugh and live

why is this so frowned upon by society?

it's my life and i want to live it for goodness sakes!

sorry for being so darn dramatic

xx always,


How are you dears? Life has been very busy busy now that I am back in school, but I am in love with the autumn weather we are having here, and that almost makes up for it. I have been spending days in forests hunting for acorns and feathers, and reading jane eyre and the blue castle, and watching movies. i wish we had a fireplace that i could drink cocoa by on the cold nights though.

How to Live Magically

  • let your hair grow long and unruly
  • wear flower crowns
  • tie ribbons on your wrists
  • wears bells on your ankles
  • wear a key to your heart around your neck
  • lie in fields of wildflowers
  • climb trees and read books in them
  • hand write letters to friends
  • go looking for fairies and build fairy houses
  • make friends with trees-tell them your secrets
  • drink lots and lots of tea
  • light candles at night
  • gaze out open windows
  • listen to dreamy music and dance around
  • go dancing in the rain
  • run into lakes wearing pretty dresses
  • plant a garden of vegetable and wildflowers
  • have a picnic on the countryside
  • learn to play an instrument (piano,ukulele,banjo,guitar)
  • wear vintage nightgowns as dresses
  • string fairy lights in your room
  • make someone a batch of cookies
  • make a teepee
  • collect seashells
  • have tea parties
  • dress up victorian style
  • frame vintage photos
  • press wildflowers
  • spend days in libraries
  • don't be afraid of who you are

a little list i made. i like to make lists.
and here is my kitty showing off for the camera

what are your favourite things about autumn?