weekends spent dancing in the woods
my family thinks i'm strange
but they've come to accept it
i got lost dancing
and when i stopped spinning and the world went still
i noticed a handsome boy through the trees
alone himself, watching
i ran away

and caught myself smiling

i am trying to figure it all out

i have been busy writing letters to lovely girls
and reading with a hunger that never seems to fade

i'm not taking things so seriously anymore
i highly suggest it
take a step back
and notice you are breathing

do what makes your heart happy
and steal a few kisses along the way



Enchanted Gardens said...

What a dreamy weekend flower :)
And the photos...fairy!

elly said...

so very pretty. this makes me miss my woods. you are lucky to have your trees there with you.

olivia said...

Beautiful, Sara. Just...,; beautiful. ♥

~Abby~ said...

Your hair is so pretty!
And so is that dress!
Don't run from him next time!

E said...

there is faerie blood flowing inside your veins <3

nina said...

i feel a romance a-brewing!
i also spent the weekend froliking in the woods too :), your pictures are much better though...

love, nina x
ps. i love love love that dress! <3

fractured skeleton said...

Sara, you are so beautiful, and your words are lovely too, hopefully you will see the boy again one day <3

'take a step back
and notice you are breathing
do what makes your heart happy
and steal a few kisses along the way' this part is so amazing, i am glad you wrote this because i needed to read something like this. Love from Suzannah <3 xxx

Clara said...

oh sara! first I fell inlove with your photos, and now I love what you wrote. I hope you keep dancing in the woods, the same woods, and maybe the boy will come back. probably he thinks you're a fay, a dancing dryad. best wishes my dearest!
love, Clara

Jess. said...

This place looks so enchanting! I can see why it would make you dance, dear. It makes me long for days spent far, far away from my city.


Elaine said...

Oh, your hair is so beautiful! This was such a lovely, happy post.. it made me smile.

Clara said...

I've driven through Canada twice and the parts I've seen have looked alot like Alaska. And you know, someday you must come vist me here in Fairbanks! I would love to show you all of my favorite places, we'd have so much fun dancing it the woods together. And yes! the Jam tutorial will come soon, we haven't gotten our blueberries here yet either, But I'll post the recipe for both jams, blueberry and rose petal.
Love, Clara

PS: I've sometimes wished Alaska was apart of Canada too! :) <3

magnoliaamber said...

Hi Sara,

Looks like you enjoy a very good weekend! So natural and beautiful! I wish I could dance freely like you sometimes...

sleepypulse said...

This is so lovely. c:
Your such an inspiration,
thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

Dearest Sara,
You are beyong lovely, in these photographs you look like a beautiful woodland nymph. With you're mermaid hair, and dressed in white you look so otherworldy.
It sounds to me as though you begiled that young man with your dancing Sara. As others have said, go back and dance, he might be there again soon.
It all sounds like a fairytale to me - perhaps this is the start of what you have been looking for?
The 'writing letters to lovely girls' has made me all silly and smily. I look forward to your letter. x

Violet said...

Oh my goodness. Sara you are so lovely.
I would leap through flaming hoops for your hair, I would I would. I may get burnt but it will be worth it.

Helena said...

beautiful writing
and the pictures are so summery and magical
lovely blog you have


ch▲r said...

oh my, i love your blog! enchanting pictures... you have such lovely, fairy-like hair!
and i was just glancing at your profile on the way over, and i saw that you like a great and terrible beauty! that's my favorite series of all time ♥

tywo said...



Persis Shah said...

lovely shots!

just stumbled upon your blog and i think its so LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. maybe we can follow each other. =)


Clara said...

oh goodness, third comment! :) so I waited to reply because I needed to finish another post in which I left you an award! so I could tell you about that and respond at the same time. I'm so sorry your mother's rose bush died! that's so sad. Do you have wild roses where you live? I know parts of canada are similar to my part of alaska, so if you did have them those would be fine because there the same as what I used. and actually once I saw that bright star was on your profile I just knew I had to watch it. :) and I'm very glad I did! hope your well!

Love, Clara

Leah said...

oh so beautiful. i'd nearly forgotten what fun it is to dance in the woods until this summer. it makes a heart smile to see another doing the same.

Cassidy said...

these are such beautiful photos; and the location you chose is lovely ! i wish i could be there right now .

ANGELICA! said...

oh, we are hair twins, we are! except yours is ten thousand times lovelier than mine. also, your words are especially sweet, like the little honey dewdrops of spring. i am so happy that you are happy.

hello from my little corner of the world <3


Not Wendy said...

I wish I had a forest to dance in. You are so lucky, and pretty too. xx

Megan said...

Sara where have you been of late?
I am missing you and your posts. x

erin meagan said...

love this!
fellow pegger??

Megan said...

Thank you, so very much for your kind words. They give me strength x

Ace-Of-Aoife. said...

Oh my gosh...those photographs!
They're so......^^
And your dreamy prose belongs in English textbooks. It's better than half the stuff in mine.

Megan said...

Hello lovely!
Wow, I realise this is like.. the fourth comment - do excuse that!
Anyway, I know today is your birthday from one of your earlier posts.
So I hope you have a lovely lovely day and make magical birthday wishes (and they come true) x

Katherine said...

Athena. said...

You are so, so, so magic!
And your words are absolutely ethereal and darling - aren't letters to pen-friends the loveliest?
Love, Athena xxx

Sara said...

you are a fairy princess. I am quite sure of it x


Jen said...

I just stumbled across your blog, it is so lovely!

Clara said...

fourth! hehe, thank you my darling! It's good to hear from you and I can't wait to get your letter! Love, love, Clara

scraped elbows said...

Dear Sara, I do hope that you are okay, I miss you <3 xxx