wild girl

i am a wild girl. we are all wild girls. we do not want to be caged. we want to sneak out of our windows at night onto the roofs of our houses and bath in the constellations. we want to dance in the rain until we are soaked through to our lovely bones. we want to wear pretty dresses and red lipstick, and stay up to watch the sunrise. we want to fall in love so deep that we become dizzy and drunk with it. we dream of kissing boys in meadows, running into the sea and becoming mermaids, falling asleep amidst the flowers and tall grasses . we are made of pure golden light. we want all of this so badly it hurts, and yet what we want the most is the courage to do all this. we must all find our courage.
i've been gone and i am truly sorry. school has been sucking up most of my time. i feel alot better now, and i thank you all for your positive comments, they really helped me so much ♥
i've been feeling slightly uninspired lately, which might be due to being locked up in a classroom all day.
i hope it goes away soon...
i'll try to post more often, i truly will.