I don't know what's going on anymore.
I'm sorry for disappearing, but my family has essentially turned itself upside down in a matter of weeks.
I can't even think.
This summer is a whirl of tears and crushing humidity.
I've pushed so many people away.  I feel guilty for wanting things.  I feel guilty a lot.
I've retreated so far inside my mind that I'm paralyzed.
Analysis paralysis.
Too many decisions, and I can't move forward.  My legs won't take me.
I'm waiting for some sort of sign from the universe that I know will never come.
Because that's my problem, I wait too long for life to happen, not realizing that life is now.
And I know, I know I need to push myself.
No more excuses.

So please, please realize this.
I'm saying this both to myself, and all of you out there that will read this:

  • Do not wait, that day will never come-it is NOW
  • If you are not scared, humiliated, embarrassed, making mistakes and failing, you are not LIVING
  • There is not enough time to worry about what other people think of you, besides, they are far too busy thinking about themselves.
  • Live for you, and the rest will come.