weekends spent dancing in the woods
my family thinks i'm strange
but they've come to accept it
i got lost dancing
and when i stopped spinning and the world went still
i noticed a handsome boy through the trees
alone himself, watching
i ran away

and caught myself smiling

i am trying to figure it all out

i have been busy writing letters to lovely girls
and reading with a hunger that never seems to fade

i'm not taking things so seriously anymore
i highly suggest it
take a step back
and notice you are breathing

do what makes your heart happy
and steal a few kisses along the way


"Shyness is nice and
Shyness can stop you
From doing all the things in life
You'd like to

i've been listening to the smiths on repeat

it has been raining lots

i like the rain
i would like to lie outside on the grass in a sheer dress until i'm soaked through and sneezing
but i am scared of what the neighbours will think
and that makes me sad
i try to make friends but i am insufferably awkward and laugh at inopportune times
but i am who i am and i make no excuses

handsome strangers sit next to me on the bus
thigh against thigh
the slightest flutters of almost-touching pleasure
a catch in my breath
i emerge from my own head
and realize i would like to have someone
to gently place their hand at the small of my back
to feel the warm pulse of another human being when i wake up each morning
and that is as far as i get

the promise of summer is sweet
dancing beneath the moon
old blue bicycles
windblown hair

i need to stop dreaming within a cage
i will do things