it seems i do not know what to write anymore

i am confused about many things and i didn't want to bore you to death with all of it. i just want to say thank you to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments and i feel terrible about not commenting on all of your lovely blogs, but i have still been reading all of them religiously. i also want to say thank you and hello to all the new followers. i will try not to be such a lousy writer.

i have to say that i was seriously contemplating deleting this diary, but for whatever reason i just couldn't make myself do it.
i need this output now especially, having started a new job which involves no creativity, inspiration or beauty whatsoever. it seems i have no time anymore, and i really despise having to live for the weekends. lets just say i am not a fan of cubicles and leave it at that.

i feel like maybe i need to start fresh, and so i have deleted some of my older posts on here.
i have a few ideas for some posts in the near future, but i have also been wondering if there is anything in particular that you all would like to see on here
. i would be very open to any ideas you have.

lilacs and daisies forever