go girl, seek happy days to happy nights

my list of 101 things i want to accomplish in 1001 days (start date august 23rd, my birthday!):

1.lose 5 pounds
2.stop drinking soda
3.wear suntan lotion every day
4.go to 3 movies by myself
5.go on a train ride somewhere
6.go for a ride in a hot-air balloon
7.drive somewhere by myself for the day
8.have a picnic
9.sleep outside 2-3 times each summer
10.get a gym membership
11.say 'i love you' to my parents every day
12.graduate from college
13.buy a car. (i didn't say a good one)
14.go to a farmer's market 2-3 times each summer
15.buy my mom flowers just cause
16.travel somewhere, anywhere, at least outside of my province!
17.learn how to play the guitar
18.bring flowers to my sister's grave every year on her birthday
19.go to at least one party
20.climb a tree
21.go for a walk in the rain. NO umbrella
22.only eat one sweet thing per day
23.get at least 30 mins of excercise/day
24.go on a date
25.buy myself a new bike
26.read(at least) one new book a month
27.give a compliment every day
28.make conversation with a stranger
29.cut down eating meat
30.give a hug a week
31.make a daisy chain and wear it with pride!
32.go on a spa outing with mom
33.take more pictures and make a scrapbook
34.only watch 1 hr. of tv/day
35.go horseback riding
36.learn how to play poker
37.buy 5 used and old books
38.go dancing(as much as you want)
39.paint a picture (extra points if you use your fingers!)
40.fall asleep on the grass once
41.buy myself 2 nice summer dresses
42.go for a bike ride alone (or with kc) in the park.take your time.stop, explore, take pictures.
43.spend more time in nature
44.go to a petting zoo and hold/pet a cute baby pig! (maybe not...ughh, swine flu?)
45.try 5 new foods
46.hula-hoop on the beach
47.make an inspiration book
48.find a spot in the forest and dance by myself!
49.learn how to cook (well)
50.continue to bring my anxiety down to a manageable level

next 51 goals will come soon!

original idea found here: Day Zero Project


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