*~*a charmed life*~*

number 51-101 of my goals :

51.read 'pride and prejudice'
52.buy a beautiful book of poems that i love
53.dress like a hippie for a week :)
54.get a bikini(and wear it!)
55.go for a sunset walk on the beach alone
56.go to at least one concert
57.stop biting my nails!
58.save up and buy my crystal goblets that i've been drooling over forever
59.do something that scares me every day
60.take a dance class
61.plant a herb garden and keep it alive this time
62.be happy with myself on my 19th
63.buy at least one pair of gorgeous shoes/year ♥
64.leave cute notes in every library book that i take out
65.keep a diary for the year i'm 19
66.write a children's book
67.howl at the moon :)
68.get at least ONE haircut in 1001 days!
69.sew a (wearable) article of clothing
70.have a tea party!
71.start running at least 3x/week
72.wake up every morning and smile :)
73.write down everything i don't like about myself and burn it
74.go camping.i mean REAL camping
75.run into a body of water fully clothed. preferably in a pretty dress
76.donate blood
77.go on a road trip
78.drink at least 5 glasses of water/day
79.plant a tree
80.get a pet rabbit
81.try to stop caring so obsessively about what other people think of me
82.send a message in a bottle
83.write 'you are beautiful' on my bedroom mirror. look at it every day.believe it
84.eat fruit every day
85.make a time capsule to open in 10 years
86.buy a bright red coat
87.take a photography class
88.go somewhere i've never been before
89.take a weekly portrait of myself for 6 months
90.visit my grandma at least once/month
91.keep a journal of my poems
92.write down 100 things that make me happy
93.eat vegetarian for one month
94.learn how to knit a pair of socks
95.frolic in a field full of wildflowers!
96.get a collection of my mom's recipes and write them down in a book
97.only eat organic food from the garden for a week
98.fill up my hope chest
99.buy myself good makeup
100.ask more questions
101.be happy with myself at the end of 1001 and one days and start a new and improved list!

what are your goals?



Charlie P. said...

my goal right now is to do well in school :) like heaps of people i suppose. But i really like your goals actually, heh. Especially this half of the list. and extra specially, the slightly random ones, like run into a body of water in a pretty dress :) that is a fantastic goal and i am going to try it.

Megan said...

Dearest Sara, I was wondering if you had achieved any of your goals? It would be lovely to hear an update!
I have been quite inspired to make my own list ♥