i have three months of school left
that is it that is all

i need the sun to come back out and shine on my face
i am a summer baby, after all
i can't flourish in this cold climate

i'd like to move somewhere where it isn't winter half the year
where i can have a wardrobe that consists solely of dresses
and i can ride my bicycle everywhere
and walk barefoot
but i would miss my family too much
and besides, it can be quite beautiful here too:
the northern lights, the evergreens, the rolling plains
the wild wildness of it all

change is all i need
just a little bit of change


mckenzie. said...

so pleased to see you have written some more, i was beginning to miss you. :)

i, too, am a summer child. winter leaves me awfully grey and melancholy. xx

Julia said...

I prefer spring and autumn more-- they are nicer to paint and more moderate, I suppose. Winter brings no snow here, and there are no beaches to retire to in the summer either.

Jade said...

Spring is my absolute favorite...then comes summer. Winter makes me feel like staying at home.
I like your dream, bicycling and being barefoot and dresses. Couldn't have said it better myself!

E said...

Luckily we are almost at the end of this winter, try to hold on for a while and the spring and the summer will reward you with generous gifts!

ps. I don't have a tumblr so I have not been able to comment on your tumblr posts. So I must say now that I just love How to uncage a girl, it is a perfect hiding place after a hard day <3

Thea said...

These are such beautiful wintry photographs. I would love to visit where you live, especially to see the Northern Lights, oh, oh. It's a dream of mine. x

Sanae said...

Oh that your word will make the weather react, maybe the sky will give you some sun. Ohterwise, there is enough sun in your words dear. ♥

chloe the wanderer said...

oh, i feel the opposite. i feel the most complete in the cold, in the snow, even better. i do love the summer, but i don't like the sun on my skin and i miss the cold clean air of winter in my lungs.
i would love to move somewhere where it snows all the time and doesn't melt away.

but i am quite looking forward to wearing dresses and riding bicycles. xx

frenchtoile said...

This is a lovely post and reflects my exact feelings right now, your pictures look like the view outside my window this very moment! These last couple months always brings a deep longing to feel warm air and sun on my skin, and to bring my bicycle out of its hibernation, and to roam freely in the outdoors,
not tooo much longer now!

JS. said...

The northern lights? Lucky you! :)

~Abby~ said...

I miss summer too..I can't wait until the warm sun shines down on me again. I am a summer baby too♥

Everyone needs change in there life at some point..


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Stunning. Word by word, I love you more. x hivennn

magnoliaamber said...

I need winter, we could exchange place.

mckenzie. said...

By the way, dear, I love this blog so much I have decided to list you. If this is not okay with you, please let me know. x

Beth Retro said...

hello love :)
i just discovered that you have a blog, it's beautiful. i saw you have a twitter so i've requested to follow you, hope you don't mind :)
i have a blog too
beth x

Raelynn said...

I agree with the need for change and for the warmth of summer.
You write eloquently :)

Nina said...

love those words your wrote!
xo have a lovely day!

skeletaldreams said...

Your blog is so beautiful, lovely. Your words are dreamy. I'm following, I'd love if you took a glance at my writing blog xx

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