nibble nibble

this video was too cute to resist!

oh so adorable

last night was spent sleeping under the stars, camped out in a tent pitched beneath the apple tree. i carried out my lantern and crawled into my cosy nest. there i snuggled up under the covers with a good book and read by the glowing lantern light with the sound of the leaves above me rustling and the gurgling of the neighbours fountain next door. i'll be out there again tonight if you wish to be spirited away with the fairies to come visit me. we will make animal shadows on the tent walls and wake up early to watch the sunrise and steal peapods from mama's garden to munch on. i hope some fairies will come out to play!




Mermaid said...

i wish so, so much that i could accompany you on this delightful and magical adventure.
i am positive the fairies will come out♥

Mila said...

Wow that video is soooooo cute :)

The Dutchess said...

Oh..we will be there...any chance Mozes will fit in you tent...Love the video..:))))

Greets from all of us..Miss Moussie

E said...

baby bunnies are so cute :)... i wish i could be there to share the magic. and the fairies will come, i'm sure of it :)

<3 E

suzannah said...

oh, that video is so so lovely and adorable :) and that sounds so lovely! i wish i could be there too ♥

Isabelle said...

Oh It sounds like such a magical party ! I wish we all could join you,

All being all us blogging girls that adore each others blogs; :) Spending one wonderful evening with the fairies and the moonlight, it sounds just like a perfect evening !

Hope you have a wonderful time again tonight

From Isabelle x

Adela said...

so sweet! your blog is lovely! =)

Eliza said...

oh, that video is so lovely :) i like rabbits so much. and oh, that's amazing, what you described :) i'm sure the fairies will come out and play, with such magic so close to them. your blog is ever so amazing <3

E said...

thank you so much for the comment! i am definately not hiding anymore:) you have a beautiful soul too!
<3 E

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

you have a wonderful way with words.

E said...

the fabric will turn into beautiful dresses i hope :) i am not too confident with my dress making skills.

Sara said...

You are just too sweet!

Indie.Tea said... sweet.

Vi said...

That is too adorable.

ANGELICA! said...

you lucky girl, sleeping beneath the night sky; i hope the fairies came to visit you ( i am sure they did, they probably sensed your sweetness).

such a lovely video <3

i hope you are well, dear girl